Collaborative Journalism

Collaborative journalism is a practice that has emerged as a method used to get the most accurate facts out to the widest audience in the quickest way possible. One field this is often used in is sports reporting. Reporters give credit to whoever the reporter was who first broke the story and then add in any relevant information that they have learned. Piecing together facts and combining sources gives all reporters an advantage and inevitably benefits the public as they are getting the whole story as quickly and accurately as possible.

Often times reporters will face criticism for breaking a story too soon. They may break news that is incomplete or premature. It is crucial that what they do break is accurate, however it is certainly not always going to tell the whole story. The public will quickly demand answers, or claim contradictions or omissions are misleading. Reporters however, must remain patient and always remember to check the legitimacy of tips they receive before distributing the news to the masses.

In breaking news situations eye witnesses, or individuals who capture footage from the scene often post their accounts on social media. Finding these people, and placing them at the scene is crucial for reporters rather than simply taking these people’s word as fact.

Overall collaborative journalism is a practice that has helped news break faster and stories come together far more quickly than ever before. However the risk that reporters become over zealous also runs high and the potential for partial or inaccurate news to break is also high.


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