Presteban out, Christie in?!


Yet another bomb dropping email was sent out this past week by the President’s Office here at Seton Hall University. Surprisingly however, this email did not mourn the death of anyone, nor provide an update on commencement. Instead the email announced that President Esteban was set to depart his post atop the school and was headed to the midwest, ready to take the helm of DePaul University as the first lay President in school history.

Our class has analyzed the public relations and communications strategy employed by Seton Hall surrounding this news and has provided commentary using #SHUTransition. We utilized a live chat forum on twitter to speculate and discuss the strategies. This medium was interesting as it brought all of our thoughts and perspectives together despite the fact that we were all physically apart. It provided the opportunity to have real time discussion and analysis of the situation and share links to articles with one another.

I can definitely see how a live twitter chat can be a useful media for answering questions giving users a more personalized feel and gives them a chance to feel like a real user is on the other end rather than just a computer.

Below are my contributions to the twitter live chat:


Some students had some very interesting thoughts about the strategy being followed:

Nick had a very timely and relevant suggestion that the President’s office could have an already established blog that would be helpful at this time, and even setting one up now to provide a personal connection between Esteban and the community could be beneficial.

Olivia wondered why instagram was not part of the overall communications strategy and theorized a potential answer to her own question. She makes a good point as to why instagram was not utilized to get the message out.

Live chats and blogs are both reasonable suggestions that could be utilized to help connect with users and those who are concerned with the topic. Incorporating these tools into a communications plan could be very beneficial for an organization and should be considered when designing a strategy.


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