The Ins & Outs of Mobile Reporting

Mobile reporting is a reporting and publishing method that is done on the go rather than by the traditional method of taking notes and compiling a story or article to be done later at the reporter’s desk. Many types of stories including breaking news, and live event coverage naturally lend themselves to a mobile reporting method. The ability to capture and publish content from anywhere allows reporters to help give readers and viewers a more accurate idea of the story they are trying to tell.

The equipment and technology required to report from on the go is very minimal and can be as simple as having a smart phone. Mobile phones have all the features necessary to record audio, video, capture images and anything else a reporter may choose to piece together to tell their story to the audience. Mobile reporting can of course involve more technology and hardware however the truth is a small handheld cell phone can do everything needed.

Professional news agencies can utilize mobile reporting to add in live updates to stories and ensure that the story contains accurate facts that are up to date. Standard article publishing is a one and done sort of task, while mobile reporting can continue to monitor and update the story to ensure readers are getting up to the minute information. Further this practice allows reporters to distribute content in a much more streamlined way.



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