SHU Students on Wrestlemania

My partner Nick Romano and I chose to conduct mobile reporting on world wrestling entertainment’s biggest annual event: wrestlemania. We felt this was a relevant and important issue because it is a form of entertainment that has a very passionate core set of fans and we were curious how many SHU students would fall into this group. As a constantly evolving and event that is working to expand their reach we wanted to survey students and hear their thoughts on the event.

We chose to use the hashtag #wrestlemaniathoughts because it clearly defined what the topic was and what the content of the tweets would be about.

We chose to vary our questions slightly for each interviewee dependent on their level of familiarity with the event in question.

Our first interview below with senior Seton Hall student Alex we asked:

how do you feel about wrestlemania?

did you have a favorite wrestler growing up?

who’s going to win the upcoming wrestlemania?

These questions helped to show us his current stance on the event, how it has changed over the years, and his current level of focus on the event and the success of those involved.

Our second interview feature Charlie, a junior at Seton Hall.

We asked Charlie:

how he feels about wrestlemania, how it is changing, and what kind of people are fans

Finally Matt a junior at Seton Hall, we asked:

What are your feelings about wrestlemania, have you ever watched wrestlemania, and whether he was excited for wrestlemania


After conducting multiple on campus interviews both with and without the hashtag #wrestlemaniathoughts we gauged the student opinion and knowledge of the upcoming annual wrestlemania event. Our official interviews included three male students at Seton Hall University, two junior students, Matt and Charlie and one senior, Alex. The findings: wrestlemania is struggling among college males. In general it was something the men had mild interest in as children but since then they have done very little to follow and interact with the event. As they have grown older they have lost interest and lost their desire to follow the results. Our interviewees do see the event working to innovate and rebrand itself in order to further its reach and expand the audience however they made it clear in general that they were not about to fall victim to any new marketing tactics that WWE may choose to employ. Overall it was very revealing for us to gather opinions on scene and hear how people felt and how their opinions compared to our own.


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